Physician Heal Thyself

Let me give you some advice. It’s advice we ourselves ignore. Only ever use one Sat Nav device. It’s obvious? Isn’t it?

The fundamental problem is that the BMW Sat Nav is one of the less optimised bits of Vorsprung durch Technik (i.e. it’s a bit rubbish). It seems particularly poor when it comes to finding motorway service stations and charging points just at the edge of the electric range in the battery. 

Using the Waze App on a mobile phone suits us much better. It just works. But can we force ourselves to switch off the big BMW Sat Nav screen and just stick to Waze?

Nope. Most of the time the two screens agree. But when they don’t it can scramble your brain. So take my advice and only ever us one Sat Nav. 

Next stop Sodetrel at Aire de Reims Champagne-Nord. Currently 36km away. We’ll probably need a guilty few kilometres of REx to get us there. Meanwhile, we’ll sit back …

Relax. And watch the windmills go by. 

Romantically imagining that these windmills are sending their electricity directly to the next Sodetrel charge point. I mean, EDF Energy would never fib and feed our i3 with electrons derived from a nuclear power station. Would they?

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