First genuine stress

We're at the edge of our electric limit so use the REx for 20km to get us safely to Aire de Reims Champagne.

When we get there, the charger is nowhere to be found. The usual banks of Tesla posts, and something called a Kiwi charger – which doesn't correspond to any of our apps or RFID cards.

A walk around still fails to find it and the stress levels are rising. We've already had to drive the wrong way round a no entry access even to park up.

In the end, it proves impossible to locate the Sodetrel borne and raging, we set off on the REx to find somewhere off the motorway.

It's the first time there's been a genuine crisis and the navigator admits he didn't get it right this time.

A few miles down the road we find a massive Le Clerc and a vacant CCS.

We're calming down with some ice cold lemonade and of course, juice of the other kind flowing into the i3.

Next stop – Laon and its Lidl. As we're off the motorway now, we're going to stay off it and take the slow road.

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