Yay for the EU

Although we moan about the crap infrastructure, it’s pretty impressive that so many chargers are now available, particularly in France.

Some are even free (although desperately slow on occasion: Lidl Besançon 👀)

Who do we thank for this? Well the charge networks, obviously, and their green electricity suppliers. But also, that marvellous institution that is the EU.

What a shame the UK is giving the EU the finger. Maybe we could have tapped into the same fund that France has used across the country and more people would be swapping their stinky diesels for EVs. Sadly we’ll now never know.

Not the smoothest

Too many bornes are needing maintenance. SodĂ©trel and Eurotunnel know they have problems but haven’t got round to do anything about it FOR AGES.

Until they get their hardware up to date, it’s impossible to make a long journey in an EV.

Fortunately we have the REx – otherwise doing 600 miles would take a week. As it is, this will be one of our longest i3GB2CH journeys.

We’re 14 hours in and have about three more to go.

Charge 11: 60km

Eurotunnel Coquelles

Oh hai FlexiPlus lounge. Your coffee is very welcome. Then it’s “proceed to boarding” and a kip aboard Le Shuttle, before the rainy UK stretch round the M25, another charge (Ecotricity ftw), and eventually up the stairs to Bedfordshire.

Night night and thanks for following. There might be a blog tomorrow, if anything goes awry, or even, rather well.

Charge 10: 159km

Aire de St. Hilaire-Cottes A26

Another 60km of REx i.e. petrol used since Laon. The RFID was recognised and the correct buttons pushed. But the charge didn’t start.

It’s cold and raining. And very, very dark.

Try again. Wonders. A familiar clunk and the blue flashing light means it’s working.

60km more to the tunnel. Onwards.

The northern French desert awaits

It’s a long haul from here to the next charger. Hence letting the i3 get to 98.5% before leaving. It’s got dark, the boot is full of goodies and that bloody van is still blocking easy access to the borne. Pretty sure a local French EV driver will have a more direct way of dealing with the idiot.