Close but no cigar

Disaster, scandal, horror. [Hyperbole. Ed

We failed on two fronts, we managed to set off a whole three minutes late, ruining our schedule, and also only leaving base with 97.5% charge due to warming up the car before we left.

Luckily, this second disaster gave us the basis of a little experiment. The first 15km has a drop of about 400m. Curious as to the power of the wheels to claw back charge, we set off hoping to reach that magical 100%. We missed it by 0.5%, briefly reaching 99.5%.

The rest of the drive was been a mixture of motorway and A roads, with fairly heavy traffic, but no big hold ups. By 70km, we’d used 50% of the charge and so have been judiciously using the REx to get over the Jura pass without the charge dropping to range anxiety levels. 

We managed to make one last mistake, which actually we made 2hrs 43 minutes ago. A rookie error. It never crossed our minds that there would be several Lidls in Besançon. Putting the wrong one into our satnav cost us a precious 13 minutes. [Idiots. Ed]

Yet another problem, the ‘speedy’ charging plug at the Lidl in Besançon, while working, is working very slowly. We’ve been sat here for 40 minutes and have gained about 50% charge, less than ideal.

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