The next 1000km

 So. It’s time to plan the return journey. 1000km to be driven tomorrow.

On Good Friday, we drove from London to the Swiss Alps in our second-hand but new-to-us ’65 plate i3. It probably sounds naïve to longer in the tooth EV experts, but we were worried the electric car wouldn’t manage it either along the motorways at 130kmph or over the Alps – a total distance of 1000km in a day.

Boy 2 and I will be live blogging tomorrow and tweeting as @i3GB2CH so you could track our day. [If you’re mad. Ed]

Will it be another minor triumph? Or a series of tragedies?

Here’s the plan based on the rough time predicted by Google maps (we will use Waze and the i3’s own satnav en route):

Set off 0700 (0600 UK) from Champéry (Switzerland).

Arrive 188km later at Lidl in Besançon (France) at about 0930.

Free Lidl 30 minute charge, so set off 1000.

Going on A roads via Gray, arrive 180km later at Aire de Chateauvillain at about 1140. Running total 368km.

Paid for Sodetrel 30 minute charge, so leave the Aire at 1210.

[We have the windscreen French motorway tolls gizmo which allows us to drive through the Télépéage fast track barriers at 30kmph] 

Motorway to Aire de Sommesous 124km later at about 1315. Running total 492km.

Paid for Sodetrel 30 minute charge, so set off at 1345.

Mainly motorway. Arrive Lidl Laon 131km later at 1500. Running total 623km.

Free Lidl 30 minute charge, so set off at 1530.

Mainly motorway, arrive 135km later at Lidl Bully-les-Mines at 1650. Running total 758km.

Free Lidl 30 minute charge, so set off at 1720.

Mainly motorway. Arrive Eurotunnel Calais Coquelles 95km later at 1825. Running total 853km.

Free Eurotunnel 30 min charge, so drive towards train boarding area c. 1855.

We are on Eurotunnel’s frequent traveller Flexiplus which means we should board a train without a big delay. On the way out it took 1 hour 25 minutes in total for security, queuing and the crossing. I’m assuming it will be a bit faster tomorrow so I’m allowing 1 hour and 15 minutes. So we could be driving off the train in England at 1910 UK time 😎

Mainly motorway from Eurotunnel Folkestone to home in NW London – 164km/102 miles for the LAST LEG means a possible arrival time of 2140. Running total 1017km c. 630 miles.

On the way out to CH we took 18 hours 30 minutes. If we were able to stick to tomorrow’s return journey plan, we’d bring that down to 15 hours 45 minutes.

But if we hit traffic, get held up at Eurotunnel or one of the charging points is in use by another EV when we arrive, we’ll build up delays. And tonight’s snow up here in our Swiss hideaway was never part of the plan.

snow on roof

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