Unplanned Stop

So we hit a bit of a problem. The electric range was about 35km. And the REx range was also about 35km. We had 75km before the next planned charging point. What to do?

Two options in the i3: drive to a petrol station or find a charging point. We found a third option. Do both. 

We find ourselves just onto the motorway and back at Aire de Langres, where on our way out, the Sodetrel charge point had been broken. Fortunately for us, on this side of the carriageway, everything worked fine and we were soon plugged in and watching the charge rise minute-by-minute. 

Then, as soon as the electricity charge was at 70%+ we used the jerry can to fill up the petrol tank. The unscheduled stop took 20 minutes, but we’ll probably only need another 20 minute stop at Aire de Chateauvillain.

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