Radio Silence

Where did we leave things? Oh yes. Getting exceptionally cross on the way to the UK when the Folkestone services didn’t have any working chargers and it was pissing down.

A couple of weeks later there followed another 1200 mile round trip in the – gulp – venerable diesel 2008 Ford Galaxy with nearly 120,000 miles on the clock and whose boot not only fitted a bedside table, but also a massive (if ugly) chest of drawers liberated from an ageing relative’s former home.

Good though the i3 is, its cubic metres just can’t compete. Hopefully the moving furniture from GB to CH saga is nearly done and when the diesel wagon dies, we won’t miss it.*

Dragging this post kicking and screaming to relevancy, we are off in the i3 again. We have NEW winter tyres. We have NEW snow chains (of which more later). We have the TRUSTY CREW up front.

And we leave in 6 hours.

More anon.

*we will.

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