We’re still Winners*

It’s becoming fairly clear that we’re not going to achieve our target time of 15hrs45. That initial delay at Lidl in Besançon has been unshakable and I guess that generally sticking to 110kmph on the motorways means we’re a little slower than Google suggested we would be.

Indeed the excitement levels dipped sufficiently on the last leg for Boy 2 to fall asleep. Mind you, he didn’t always look too comfortable – he’s over six foot and the i3 has a small cabin.

Lidl at Laon offered a first rate charge once again. Free and easy. 

And while we may miss our optimistic target for today, I reckon we still stand a good chance of beating the time taken for the outward journey. And, today, we didn’t have to haul ourselves out of bed for an 0330 start. 

[* What’s the betting he went to a school where they had “team activities” instead of a proper sports day. Ed]

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