Like Shelling Peas

The really interesting bit [You are pushing the definition of really interesting here. Ed] was the last 10kms as we approached the service station at Sommesous. The charge was already down at 6.5% and so the REx had automatically kicked in, but we decided to crank the speed up to 130kmph. The charge level duly continued to drop, despite the REx upping its revs.

At one point we had it down to 1% with a predicted range of 0km (plenty of petrol in the REx tank). At that point the car slowed itself down to 115kmph – we’re guessing with all of the drive power coming, almost directly, from the REx generator. 

At that point we decided it was prudent to halt the experiment, and as we slowed, the REx was still flat out, and almost immediately began to increase the battery percentage bit by bit.

At that point we were rolling into the Shell service station at Sommesous for another speedy charge. 

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