The Easy Bit

0335 and it’s obviously still pitch night as we roll away silently from Romney Drive. The most exciting moment as we head towards the M4 is a fox emerging from the darkness and sloping under a barrier.

We hardly noticed the charge dipping until it was past 50%. At that point, all of a sudden, we noticed it start to drop. At 70 mph the electric range is probably only about 70 miles and so we flicked on the Range Extender (a BMW motorbike engine in the back that feeds a generator).

103 miles down, and we’re collecting our eurotunnel boarding pass.

0525 and those behind the reception desk at the channel tunnel terminal were very helpful. Although charging the car is free, you have to pick up a ‘Charge Your Car’ RFID card from them.

0526 and we started our first rapid charge of the day (using the DC CCS connector) and 10 minutes later we’re already at 43.5% charge.

For bonkers reasons we’re on a Flexiplus ticket. That means we paid more and, instead of being booked on a particular train, we’re allowed to get on the next available. So, as soon as we’re at 85% charge we’ll be heading for a free cup of coffee and with a bit of luck, will be speeding off on board the Shuttle.

Next stop, French France…

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