Forks in the Road

We start with slight misfortune. Alas. No sooner was the ink dry on our previous post than that the elderly (somewhat past it) man in the driving seat took a turn not towards our destination, but towards bonny old Romney Drive.

This did however provide the adventure/excitement we were going for, so no harm there. One stop up the motorway and we executed the necessary u-turn.

Miraculously we didn’t lose any time against our draft plan and now sit at another Sodetel charge point at another service station in Chateauvillain. On the basis that it will only take 30 minutes to charge we should be on our way by 1630, making sure this time to steer ourselves in the right direction.

Alas, a slightly dodgy charger holds us up, but only for a few minutes. We have to rejig the plug for an unknown reason. Only a minute or so lost methinks.

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