Entente Discordiale

Besançon Lidl has a working charger. Free, of course, for your 30 minutes. Or so we thought.

We plugged in, went inside the shop to get food for the next day or so, and came back after 21 minutes to find a Zoe parked up next to us and its owner determined to kick us off ASAP.

In fact that’s just what he did. Without so much as a sorry, he said, “I’ll disconnect you now. I’m on zero charge” and he stopped the charger leaving us speechless.

Hey mate just because you can’t manage your consumption and you’re driving a glorified pilchard tin, that doesn’t give you the right to pull rank.

Working Lidl chargers are great because they’re free. But that in itself has drawbacks over the charge card bornes, because any old arse can disconnect you and you can’t stop them.

At least today’s arrogant git waited until we got back to the i3 before doing that, but boy could he learn some manners.

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