ChargeMap fail

We’d plumbed an intermediate charge into the system at the delightfully named* rest area, Wancourt, on the A1.

Just after taking the exit from the A26, we checked ChargeMap. The charger at Wancourt had disappeared. It simply did not exist.

Some minutes of stress and shouting later, we worked out that ChargeMap was down. Luckily we also have the Sodétrel, PlugSurfing and New Motion apps. All of them showed that the charger had not been wiped off the face of the earth in a targeted strike. Phew.

Just as well, because we were stuck in a very long set of roadworks reducing the road to one carriageway with no way to get off.

The Wancourt charger behaved well although the attached service station was pretty grim.

* use your best French accent to get the most out of this juvenility.

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