We arrived later than the schedule despite leaving an hour earlier.

Reasons? That annoying cock up with the Sodétrel charger at, where was it now? Oh. Dijon Brognan. We are never going back there. Ever.

The success of the Pontarlier charger though, plus the inevitable stop for wine and a wee at Atac in Jougnes, more than made up for the frustrations, if not the time lost.

Here’s an unflattering picture of the person who really didn’t nearly go the wrong way round a roundabout in Fagnières last night*, certainly didn’t try to drive through a télépéage barrier before it beeped** and actually drove superbly even while being shouted at.***

* he did

** he did

*** because of * and **

Also, he’s not as fat in real life. Honest.

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