Minor delays @Leshuttle

It’s feels churlish to complain about the chargers at Eurotunnel when they’re free. It’s a fantastic service.

When it works.

Today the first charger kicked us off every couple of minutes – just like it did the last time we were here in August.

This time we moved pumps half way through and luckily that one worked properly. We’d tell someone but there’s no one here to tell.

We’re now in the queue for the next Shuttle having annoyingly just missed one thanks to some copper deciding to quiz us at passport/police control about our recent trip to China. We wouldn’t have minded if he’d said one word about the i3 we’re sitting in. But no. Hairdressing salon talk instead. Grr.

2 thoughts on “Minor delays @Leshuttle

    1. Nah. It was the quality of the copper’s questions that reminded us of the “what did you do on your holidays” tedium you get when you’re pinioned in the barber’s chair.


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