Self parking … or maybe not

We’ve just discovered the self parking option. Yeah, only 9 months in to our EV odyssey 😬

Anyway, it barely works. Sorry BMW but it’s pointless including a gizmo unless it’s robust and useful.

Another post on this will follow. With photos. 😁

2 thoughts on “Self parking … or maybe not

  1. Hi – loved working my way through your whole blog. I’m a new i3 (REX) owner and going on a road trip in N France in November. Lots of useful stuff to absorb. But one issue I don’t see covered: what did you do about headlights in France. I don’t notice any beam diverters on your photos. Did you not bother? Or is the i3 dip beam flat enough to not need anything special?


    1. Hello Huw and thanks for your kind comments. We’ve never put beam diverters on the headlights. I’ve always assumed they’re either so low as to not need them, or they adjust automatically. I suppose I should really find out! However, not a single oncoming driver has ever flashed us, unlike in the big old Ford Galaxy even with beam benders. This coming week will see the first lengthy amount of night time driving in France and Switzerland – we’ll be updating the blog as usual so if we get pulled over by M. le Flic, you’ll soon find out 😉


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