A little gem en route

So you can do the journey from CH to GB in a day but there’s no need to.

You can stop, as we did on the way in Germany going the long way round, or if you’re taking a more direct route, in France.

Where we are now was a last minute decision, booked the night before last. It’s one of those splendidly faded, rather roué châteaux that litter the French countryside.

It has beautiful grounds, it sits in a massive park on the banks of the river Saône, there’s a swimming pool and tennis courts, a gloriously OTT interior with a faint but inevitable and necessary for the authenticity smell of damp, but better even than all of that, AN ELECTRIC PLUG OUTSIDE.

So cheers. It’s my birthday and this bottle of vintage champagne bought at the supermarket down the road is £20 cheaper here than in London. RESULT.

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