Tired and emotional

Have just remembered what happened after we left Jan Autos yesterday evening after our last charge of the day.

The A9 motorway had been completely jammed for ages, so Waze wanted to take us home by an alternative route. Fine.

Except our driver misread the Waze instructions and before we knew it, we were heading back on the motorway in the opposite direction – to Bern – with no chance of an exit for 7km.

Much swearing – gold standard swearing to be honest – ensued. There was even a hint of a tear. Two days of driving takes it toll even on otherwise chilled EV owners.

The u-turn eventually appeared and we were back on course. Joy of joys, the accident had been cleared off the motorway and we got here more quickly than we would have done had we not taken the wrong road to start with – and without having to sit in a stationary hot car for ages.

A God joke, as they (okay, we) say.

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