Good morning from sunny Valais

Two days, 1322km, one overnight stop, lots of charging, some frankly apocalyptic weather (thanks Germany), waves from other i3 drivers, meeting Jan Autos’ Laurence, finally, in Vevey and the final few km with the sun setting over our Dents du Midi. What more could you want?

Even the minor hiccups en route didn’t detract from the experience. Sure, we could have done with the New Motion card arriving before we left. Sure, we could have done it more quickly and certainly more directly. But that would have missed out some stunning scenery (thanks Germany) and some interesting interactions along the way.

We do it all over again in a week’s time. Stand by for more live blogging, this time with less jeopardy but added tedium, as we are probably going to take the quick route back and hope to be done in 16 hours or fewer.

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