Treaty of Versailles

Remember history at School? And the peace settlement after World War I? And all those places that went to and fro from Germany to France? And it was all a bit confusing where the border was? 

Well from our German overnight halt (who goes there) we put the next German charge point into the Sat Nav and have ended up on a French motorway. Alsace Lorraine. That was one of those places in Mr Little's history lessons in Alnwick. 

A bit of double checking has reassured us that we're heading in the right direction, and should be in the Swiss Alps before dark. 

Anyway. We're having a happy morning. There's a sense of achievement for the 750km we managed yesterday – and for doing over 90% electric with just a little bit of REx. Oh, and we just spotted another i3 – as it flashed past us. 

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