Repelling Boarders

Here's the thing. The charging post network is bonkers, we all know that. But where it exists and is accessible, it's hardly beyond the wit of (failing) man to paint an EV symbol on the charging bays is it?

We find the Renchtal West autobahn service station chargers with the accuracy of a V2. All the bays are empty, wahey, and the charging starts straightaway.

However because the bays are within a couple
of metres of Bobby and Fritz's popular currywurst stand and the main building, raiding parties from the ICE community were constantly trying to park their tents on the EV lawn.

Luckily we have a Rottweiler on board (she even knows how to spell it) so they were all given short shrift in German, and easily found other parking places just a few metres away.

It's not their fault – there are no signs to say what the bays are for – apart from the bloody enormous charging posts and massive rubber hoses, that is.

We're now back on board and heading for the service station at Weil am Rhein. Starting with 92% charge, we might just make it.

We promise the tasteless jokes will stop soon. It'll be the turn of the Swiss before you know it.

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