Mystery Guest

Some of you might think this blog is a one man and his dog affair. So why, you ask, do we never see the dog?

As the least sexist person I know, I should make it clear that the dog in question is not a dog. They've been a more than willing participant and have written some of the more acerbic posts. I even had to edit the swears as this is a family show, I'm sorry to say.

However their contributions do not include the one you'll read later where they confess to taking the wrong motorway and GOING BACK THE WAY WE HAD JUST COME INCLUDING TRAFFIC JAM.

Clever clogs dog that they are, they can also drive. In the style of A Question of Sport's mystery guest round, who might this be? Hint: they used to be a hand model on QVC.

PS We did make it with plenty of charge to spare, and once our hangovers have receded, we might yet drop some pearls of wisdom for all the swine out there. Thank you and good night.

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