Imagine if …

…you were a Zoe owner and had relied on the New Motion app to charge your car at the last service station we stopped at. You'd be utterly stuffed. We even put in the actual coordinates to find it and second time around it took us back over the border and to a car park on the side of the motorway. Still nothing. Grr.

Fortunately because of the REx, this wasn't a disaster and while range anxiety is not entirely absent even now, the petrol does get you out of trouble.

Launching the PlugSurfing app revealed several charging points up to 15km away. You can launch Waze from the app and ask it to notify you if the status of the charging point changes while you're on your way.

So here we are, inside the BMW dealership at Therwilerstrasse in Aesch (Switzerland), with our free coffee and biscuits, a table to work at and all sorts of BMW trinkets just crying out to be bought. The i3 is having its own rest outside, plugged into a CCS.

Next stop? Possibly BMW in Lausanne or maybe sod it and we'll switch the REx on and make it all the way up the mountain to home.

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