Unmistakably Luxembourg

We are the i3 Time Lords. Magically we find ourselves in Luxembourg in the year 2017 – a mere decade of hours since leaving England.

And just one glimpse of the preternatural landscape and you know where you are. Where else could you be in the whole space time continuum?

And talking of going to infinity and beyond. Here is the globally famous Luxembourg space museum. Instantly recognisable. The site of the infamous attack of the cyborgs in 2092.

550km into our journey. Thrilled that, so far today, we've charged at home (with Ecotricity), in Kent courtesy of Eurotunnel, with Sodétrel in France, a free Belgian top up at Lidl and a rather marvellous charge in Namur with the combined efforts of free E and the New Motion App.

Luxembourg, for all its wonders and charms, seems devoid of CCS fast chargers. And so we'll be retreating into France for electron reinforcements, before setting out sights on our fifth country of the day – Deutschland here we come (in just a few hours' time).

Addendum – We wouldn't be the first Time Lord to have been just a little confused. That last post (above) may have been written while we were still in Belgium. We didn't realise that the Belgians call their southernmost province Luxembourg. Just to confuse dumb foreigners.

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