Sambreville, BE

Stop 2 and a reminder why our parents loathe Belgium. They never wanted to go there, but they had to drive through it to get to more interesting places e.g. Germany, Austria, anywhere frankly but the land of the Belges.

Reason? The roads are shit. The drivers are shit. And every couple of km there's a sign helpfully telling you how many Walloons have killed each other on their shit roads.

Anyway. We missed another turning and had to come a couple of km back on ourselves (every metre in an EV can be a challenge) before finally rocking up to the Lidl here at Sambreville.

We first saw only this charger, which clearly wasn't going to be enough to get this i3 back on the shit roads down to Luxembourg. Luckily right behind it is this beauty. Free, as with all Lidl chargers we've ever used. And it works. It's down as unverified on ChargeMap but we are happy to confirm it's working.

The Lidl itself is far smarter than any Lidl you'll see in the U.K. It's also almost empty. Maybe they've all heard the invasion is imminent …

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