Bedtime for tired i3 drivers

14 hours since we left London and we have arrived at our stopover for the night. More appalling weather and endless roadworks made this journey much longer than it should have been. The charging stops were the least of our troubles.

Pretty from the outside it isn't, but it's comfortable enough on the inside – even if there are dozens of local CDU party members loudly occupying the bar. Quite tempted to walk in and sing "oh Jeremy Corbyn" to see their reaction…

The reason for choosing the Grunder Gästehaus (€95 including breakfast) is simply, and only, because it's right next door to a BMW dealer. Any minute now the i3 will be drinking some well-earned German wind farm juice, while we crack open the beer. French beer, as it happens. There's a reason the town of Schengen is just up the road.

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