No RFID Card – No Surrender

So. 10 days after ordering it online, the New Motion card hasn’t arrived. And when I rang their office in Holland this afternoon it turns out:

  • They sent it from their office early last week. But only to their shipping agent. 
  • And their shipping agent goofed. There’s been a delay. 

I had a grump on the phone. What about the App? The New Motion website admits the App doesn’t work at all of their partner charging points, but some would be better than none. 

“Ah. But you need a RFID card number for the App.” Catch 22?

Maybe because of my grump, the New Motion woman was helpful. She found a card in the office and said she’d add it to my account. Then all I would need to do is add my bank details (they don’t take credit cards yet). 

One final check. “And once I have added my bank details does it all work straight away?” “Yes. After 24 hours it works.” 

But nil desperandum. It’s meant to be an adventure. So, we’re setting off as planned and stubbornly heading for Germany. We don’t have a RFID card that will get us beyond France. We’re not sure if the App will work. But we have the REx and an unreasonable level of optimism. Watch this space. Live blogging from breakfast time tomorrow. 

Brum. Brum. Whirr. Whirr. 

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