Power Saving Exercises

One of the key things about driving an electric car is conserving power en route.
Recuperation is all very well – and we’re pretty good at it now – but add anything into the consumption and you’re asking for trouble.
Driving on EcoPro+ makes perfect sense in summer – until e.g. the windscreen mists up because it’s raining outside and you’ve shut the windows. Solution is to put the AC on quickly and hope you recuperate down the next hill.
But what about charging stuff on the move, like a phone or a SatNav? You don’t want to be using the USB ports and of course, there isn’t a cigarette lighter.
The answer is to carry several heavy duty charging blocks and cables. This one (when it works) should fully charge an iPhone 7 times. More than enough to get from GB2CH. Whether their added weight makes it worthwhile is a computation we can’t be arsed to do. In any event, the bloody thing takes about two days to fully charge off the domestic grid so as ever, planning ahead is crucial.

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