Another 1000km Journey

After a lifetime of car-brand-blindness (let’s face it, cars are dull) as a newbie owner of a BMW i3 I am suddenly seeing electric cars everywhere I go. [*we* go. I am on this trip too. Or hadn’t you noticed 🙄 Ed.]

We’ve been in Beijing this week and saw two Teslas (were we right that the one with no number plates was a brand new Model X SUV?) as well as a car that looked like a direct copy of a Nissan Leaf but had a different brand (I’m guessing that was a Venucia E30 

There also seemed to be loads of electric scooters – often sneaking up on us silently on the pavement. Adds to the fun of China. 

Well, today we made the 1000km journey from Beijing to Xi’an. Not quite as much fun as GB to Switzerland in our i3 (see the rest of this blog), but on a bullet train at 300kmph, it was interesting in its own way. And at six hours, it was rather quicker than our electric whirl across Europe. Not sure what EVs we’ll spot here. 

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