Guru of the Plugs

I’m sat here in exalted company. Hailed as a wise-man, a sage, a seer. Unfortunately even though they called him all these things, he was useless.

A slightly complicated charge point at the Coquelles Eurotunnel terminal led those in the cars either side of us – both unable to charge – to stand in amazement at our inexplicable ability to eke some charge out of the dodgy plug. [Could he get any more smug? No. Ed]

With our charge finally done, we shot off to the tunnel proper where despite general delays we were boarded speedily. Thank you Flexiplus. So now we are sat waiting for our 2020 Shuttle to get moving.

Alas, according to our schedule, we were to arrive in the UK 20 minutes ago, something not even this prophet can organise.

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