Abject Failure?

It was advertised and promoted as 1000km in a day. And yet here we find ourselves at the side of the road, at a standstill, outside our house in London, with the odometer reading just 999.3km.

Where did it, ultimately, go so badly wrong. [It didn’t. This is what passes for a joke. Ed]

Well for some inexplicable reason, the return journey was very slightly shorter than the journey out. Was it the side road kink into Besançon, being sent on the old road rather than the new bypass, or was it opting for the M40 over the M4 when we were almost home? These are questions lost to history.

In terms of timing, we also can’t work out how we managed to arrive home at 2200: 16 hours after setting off, a mere 15 minutes over our target time, and a whole 150 minutes faster than the route out. Whatever, we’re claiming that as a victory.  [Because everyone’s a winner, right? Ed]

Safe to say we are now having a well-deserved drink and by 2300 will most probably be tucked up in bed, and asleep. 

Until next time, Adieu.

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