You have reached your destination. Congratulation.

At the garage in Vevey we waited until the batteries were charged up to 85%. I’m not quite sure why. The last chunk of the journey was only about 25 miles, although admittedly that includes a climb of about 500m from Monthey up our valley to Champery.

We were feeling chuffed. We were feeling relieved. We were feeling tired. But it was clear that the i3 was going to deliver, and deliver us 1000km in a day.

So we’re humming. And listening to the last few chapters of the Acts of the Apostles (long story, in so many ways).

And then, we’re turning the last few winding bends. And there’s still over 50% charge in the tank.

The photo is time stamped 2256. We’d been en route for almost 18 hours and 30 minutes. So, we’d failed on our 18 hour target. But, we’d succeeded on five free charges, two Sodetrel charges (about €10 plus the €3 per month subscription) and about €20 of petrol for the REx). That is approximately an infinite amount of satisfaction per Euro.

arrival Champery

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