The end is nigh

Although our final destination is in Switzerland, we don’t cover the same distance here as in France. And so we haven’t signed up for a Swiss public charging company or bought a Swiss RFID card. Once we’re in Champéry, we can just hook up to a standard plug in the chalet and top up overnight. Away from the village, Chargemap suggested there are a few free DC CCS chargers, and one of them is at this BMW dealership near Lake Geneva. We had a reply to our enquiry email within about 10 minutes from the very helpful Laurence Haening. He explained that during opening hours someone would be happy to help and if the dealership was closed we just needed to scan a QR code. And when we turned up just before ten o’clock on Good Friday night everything worked perfectly.

And as we sit in the car watching the percentage charge start to rise again, we start to reflect. The trip has been remarkable in its ease and simplicity. Impossible without some use of the petrol generator admittedly, but never stressful.

Part of this was achieved by switching on the REx before we really needed it. If there was a steep climb ahead, or sometimes even if there wasn’t, we rarely let the change drop below 30%. And so range anxiety wasn’t an issue. Out tactics meant it never crossed our minds that we would struggle to a charge point. Langres being shut didn’t ruin our plan of action and we even skipped out the penultimate planned charge at Lausanne. The planning worked.

In less than 30 minutes, we’ll be posting for the final time (on this leg of the journey) from our warm and cosy destination.

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